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What Type of Boiler is the Most Energy Efficient?

As individuals, we all contribute our own carbon footprint to the planet, and it’s something we’re being urged to think about and reduce, due to the global energy crisis. As well as driving and flying less, one of the best ways to reduce energy use is through changing the amount we use in our homes.

While we need energy to live comfortably and for heat and hot water, the type of boiler we choose can make a huge difference. In the following post we offer guidance into buying an energy-efficient boiler and consider if certain types use less energy.

What does an A-rated boiler mean?

Boilers are rated for efficiency from A to G, so if you shop for an A-rated boiler you’ll be onto a winner as this is the most efficient rating possible. Condensing A-rated boilers are the best you can buy in terms of energy-efficiency.

Do efficiency levels vary with different types of boiler?

They do, in terms of how they heat and store water, so the type of boiler can certainly influence its efficiency. However, there’s no point in opting for a boiler based solely on this as it might not meet your needs.

For example, combi boilers heat water as it’s used rather than in advance so there’s no waste. This is great, but they only work in homes with one bathroom as they are limited to running one hot water source at a time.

On the other hand, system and regular boilers both need water heating in advance, which is then stored in a hot water cylinder. This has the potential for some waste, if you heat more than you need or forget to turn the hot water switch off. However, if your home is larger and you have multiple bathrooms, it’s likely you’ll need one of these options. You can help ensure their efficiency by not heating too much water and by being careful overall about your energy use at home.

Energy-efficient boiler installation in Cardiff, Newport & Caerphilly

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