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Emergency Plumbing

Offering emergency plumbing throughout Caerphilly, Cardiff and the surrounding areas, such as Abergavenny, Bridgend, Pontypool and Risca.

If you have encountered a plumbing issue that is in need of emergency repair, get in touch with one of our specialists. Give us a call on 07772 028 424 as soon as you encounter a plumbing problem at your home near Caerphilly, Cardiff or any of the surrounding areas, and one of our highly experienced plumbers will come and treat the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Whilst it’s never nice to be woken in the middle of the night, this can be made worse in instances where you stir to the sound of running water or a boiler that’s in the midst of a breakdown! Make no mistake; whether your plumbing pipework has sprung a leak or the boiler unit has suddenly ceased to work, there are times where you may be required to call out an emergency plumber to correct these faults.


Fortunately, if you reside in Caerphilly, Bridgend, Abergavenny, or the surrounding regions, you can rely on SJL Plumbing & Heating to undertake such work on your behalf. But what’s in our service, and why should you care?

Emergency Plumbing Services in Caerphilly

Perhaps the biggest challenge associated with emergency plumbing is the wide range of things that can go wrong, which requires engineers with a broad and comprehensive skill set to attend.

Luckily, our skilled team of Gas-Safe registered engineers can be called upon to handle urgent tasks both small and large, whilst our representative’s depth of knowledge and experience also allows them to put you immediately at ease.

Such skill and versatility, when combined with our speed of attendance and diagnostic ability, means that SJL Plumbing & Heating has you covered at any time of the day or night regardless. This is regardless of what has gone wrong in your home, or the length of time taken to complete a repair.

As a team of experienced heating engineers, it is always safe to come to us for any problems that you may encounter at home, whether that problem is as small as a leaking tap, or as large as a broken-down boiler. Of course, rest assured that our company will maintain the government advice concerning social distancing regulations in order to decrease the chance of spreading COVID-19. Take a look below to find out about some of the emergency services we offer.

We can fix your leaking pipes or taps

Leaks or bursts in pipes or taps throughout a household can happen at any time but are relatively simple for plumbers to fix. However, this problem can cause massive damage to your house if left alone and not dealt with as soon as possible. This is why we encourage customers to call us on 07772 028 424 as soon as they encounter a leaking tap or burst pipe in their home, in order for our experienced plumber to come and treat the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Boiler breakdown repairs

Boiler breakdown is a far more serious problem to deal with if it happens to you. In the event of the complete breakdown of your boiler, SJL Plumbing & Heating will be there to help. We understand that if this happens to your boiler, you are not qualified to fix a boiler and any unqualified attempt in doing so could result in further damage or even be dangerous for the people living in your home.

 If your boiler has stopped working, or you can hear loud banging noises coming from it, then be sure to give us a call on 07772 028 424  and we can get one of our engineers out to you to help fix your problem. Our engineers will be with you as soon as we can so as soon as you encounter a problem, we advise that you should call us at the earliest time possible to limit potential damage and cost.

Why trust us for your Emergency Plumbing Needs?

We take great pride in how we operate. All of our engineers are immensely proud of all aspects of their work, from the quality of tools and materials used to the safety standards adhered to and the way in which they communicate with customers. 

Contact us today for an emergency plumber!

Based in Caerphilly and servicing Welsh regions such as Bridgend, Cardiff, Abergavenny, Pontypool and Risca, we offer our emergency plumbing services to a huge and growing range of customers.  If you ever need to call on us in an emergency, you can call us on 07772 028 424. If you have any other questions or queries, you can also email us at stephen9049@hotmail.com at your earliest convenience. 

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